Specialised Career Coaching Programme

Do you wish to:

  • Explore career paths?
  • Change direction?
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your traits and interests? 

Our specialised career coaching programme is designed to;

  1. Uncover your intrinsic traits and interests,
  2. Align your career path with your personality, interests and work preferences,
  3. Precisely identify the most suitable career path. 

The final reports provide a framework to explore and identify the preferential career path based on what is the “best fit” career for you. We have found that utilising this system brings immediate clarity to coaching sessions and the focus required to maximise client success.

Our programme is designed to provide exceptional results for our clients and consists of the following steps;

Step 1 – Consultation 1 and completion of the required assessment.
                During this session we also align goals and define coaching success metrics. 
Step 2 – Consultation 2 – in-depth review of results from assessment.
Step 3 – Consultation 3 & 4 – Deep dive analysis of assessment results.
These sessions are personalised coaching sessions designed to focus on next steps, goal setting and planning.

For no fee, we will have an initial conversation to discuss our coaching approach and confirm that Peak Performance is the right fit for you.

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